Purpose Statement
"God's Purpose for Our Saviour's Lutheran Church is to joyfully share God's love with all"



Welcome to Our Saviour's Lutheran Church!


It is our pleasure to welcome you to our congregation, and introduce to you the ministries that are offered at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. The worship services, service opportunities, spiritual growth classes, ministry with youth and children, the fellowship opportunities, and the leadership and staff are all reflected here.

Who we are as a faith community can’t really be captured on a web site; this can only be done in person. So, we invite you to join us for worship soon! 



Sunday Worship

9:00 a.m.








The History of OSL























318 East 6th St.

Casper, WY

(307) 237-9087

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Upcoming Events and Information




February 14 Sermon

February 7 Service

January 31 Service

January 24 Service / Sermon / Bulletin

January 17 Service

January 10 Service




As of Tuesday March 17th the Executive Committee of OSL has decided to temporarily suspend church worship and services for at least two weeks. The office will remain open at this time.


If you have any questions please call the office at 307-237-9087.

Yours in Christ,

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church Executive Council

Calvin Whited, Council President

Lance Neiberger, Treasurer

Tina Wulf, Secretary

Randy Sides, At-Large

Pastor Jo Ann Neal


OSL is seeking Nominating Committee members to be appointed to two year terms.

If you are interested in serving the church on the Nomination Committee please Contact Congregation President Calvin Whited, Congregation Secretary Tina Wolf, or Pastor Jo Ann Neal by calling the church office at 237-9087.


Proposed Changes to the Rocky Mountain Synod Constitution


OSL Scholarship Information

Scholarship Cover Letter

Scholarship Endowment Freshman

Scholarship Endowment Existing

Scholarship Leaf Freshman

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Guiding Principles

"Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior."
"Everyone is welcome and invited."
"Prayer is essential in everything we do."
"We forgive all through Christ."
"We are called to use the gifts we've been given."
"Worshiping together transforms our lives.